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Written by Andrew Pearson - 21 Aug 2007
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Location notes
Joan Croft is a few miles North Of Doncaster on the ECML. The line from Stainforth joins here for freight to continue north. However most freight continues over the line on a new flyover.

In a significant change from the former location the road level crossing has been replaced with a new overbridge. The flat junciton, although still in place, has seen the addition of a new flyover to allow traffic to pass over the ECML without conflicting with express trains.
Railway type and traffic
  • VTEC: Class 91 and HST
  • Virgin: Voyagers
  • First Hull Trains: 180s
  • Grand Central 180s and HSTs
  • Northern Rail: A few to Hull via Selby.
  • East Midlands Trains occasional workings to York.

  • Class 60s: Oil, Steel and occasionally on the Enterprises.
  • Class 66/0 : Coal, Steels, enterprises , plasmoors, oil.
  • Class 66/5 : Coal, Intermodals and Infrastructure workings.
  • Class 66/7: Intermodals and Occasionally on the new coal.
  • Class 67: Enterprises now and again
  • Class 92: Doncaster - Mossend Enterprise and the return working.

  • There is also charter trains, usually at the weekend.
  • Serco trest trains, including the NMT pass occasionaly.
  • Link to Real Time Trains
    RTT Link Joan Croft Junction
    This link should be close to the location, but may not be the actual location so please check the page. This link will take you to what is happening 'around now'. Dates and times can be changed at the top of the page.
    Location is rural and quiet. The road bridge is obvioulsy roadside and one should be aware of passing traffic.
    Road directions
    Coming from the A19, between Toll Bar and Askern there is a sign for ' Thorpe - In - Balne' on your left, follow that and keep driving towards it an, and you will go over a level crossing and then in about 30 seconds you will see the location.

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    Joan Croft Junction map co-ordinates
    Either roadside or just off the road close to the location. You can park your car where is should remain visible to you.
    Public transport
    You really need your own transport to come here its in middle of nowhere with no buses or trains etc.

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    There are no amenities at this location.
    Doncaster Travel Lodge
    Sun Compass
    Sun Compass using Suncalc by brought to you by Vladimir Agafonkin:
    It might be necessary to adjust the time to suit your visit, this link should open with the current day.
    Joan Croft Junction

    Googly map
    Streetmap links
    Joan Croft Junction general view map
    Joan Croft Junction close up map

    Windows Local Live Link - image quality may vary
    Joan Croft Junction

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    Photographic notes
    The sun will favour southbound shots from the road bridge shots during most of the day. Only in the summer extremes will the light come round for northbound workings. The level crossing, although closed to get acrss the line itself, should still also provide angles. The area is open and exposed to the elements and wind may prove problematic for videographers.
    The page's main link to Real Time Trains should show most traffic on the East Coast Main Line. For traffic heading alond the freight line and flyover try Thorpe Marsh Junction
    Links to photographs at this location

    The Drax Flyer

    General views - All photographs © Andrew Pearson unless otherwise stated
    Fig 1 - Looking south - Image ŠAlbert Dawson.

Fig 1 - Looking south - <i>Image ŠAlbert Dawson</i>.

    From the road bridge a northbound charter heads up the ECML. The new flyover is the green bridge in the background and the former crossing can be seen in the middle.

    Fig 2 - Looking north - Image ŠAlbert Dawson.

Fig 2 - Looking north - <i>Image ŠAlbert Dawson</i>.

    From the road bridge.

    Fig 3 - Looking south east - Image ŠAlbert Dawson.

Fig 3 - Looking south east - <i>Image ŠAlbert Dawson</i>.

    A freight approaches the flyover.

    Fig 4 - Looking south - Image ŠAlbert Dawson.

Fig 4 - Looking south - <i>Image ŠAlbert Dawson</i>.

    Crossing the flyover

    Fig 5 - Looking south west - Image ŠAlbert Dawson.

Fig 5 - Looking south west - <i>Image ŠAlbert Dawson</i>.

    Descending from the flyover with the road approacing the standing postion in the foreground.

    Fig 6 - Looking west - Image ŠAlbert Dawson.

Fig 6 - Looking west - <i>Image ŠAlbert Dawson</i>.

    From the field to the east of the line a shot is available of workings descending from the flyover heading towards Stainforth.

    Fig 7 - Looking south

Fig 7 - Looking south

    This shot is now in shadow under the flyover but is still achievable from the site of the former foot crossing

    Fig 8 - Looking north

Fig 8 - Looking north

    From the lower part of the road bridge embankment a shot like this should still be possible.

    Location Video

    Coming onto the ECML

    Going over the top on the new Flyover

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